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Thread: What! There's No Such Thing As Gluten-free Grains?

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    What! There's No Such Thing As Gluten-free Grains?

    That can't be right!!!" you say. But indeed it is; it's true! ALL grains contain gluten.

    There is much confusion surrounding the enigma that we call 'Gluten'. This is largely because almost all of the data that the majority of the medical community is going on has not been revisited or updated in as much as 60 YEARS. Now that's some old information! And from the looks of it there are no plans to update that anytime soon.

    So before we move on, let's try to define gluten. If you look up 'gluten' in the dictionary, you will find that webster's definition is ALSO based on that old and outdated information; referring ONLY to wheat, rye, barley and oats. However, what we now know from modern studies is that "gluten" is actually a mixture of proteins found in ALL grains. It is composed of two primary 'subfractions' known as Prolamines and Glutelins.

    The prolamine known as "gliadin" is the most studied in medical literature; primarily as it relates to Celiac Disease. Many people, including doctors, do not understand that the prolamine, "gliadin" is not the ONLY type of gluten out there, nor is it the ONLY one reeking havoc in peoples bodies. It is, however, the ONLY one that is routinely tested for and since recent studies have identified least 400 other gluten proteins out there, you may not be getting the right test done!

    So, let's take a look at some of the other 'prolamines' out there...

    The Prolamine Fraction of Proteins in Grains

    Grain Prolamine % Total Protein
    Wheat Gliadin 69%
    Rye Secalinin 30-50%
    Oats Avenin 16%
    Barley Hordein 46-52%
    Millet Panicin 40%
    Corn Zien 55%
    Rice Orzenin 5%
    Sorgum Kafirin 52%

    *This is excerpted. There's more to the full web page, including a video by
    Dr. Peter Osborne.
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