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Thread: NatMov

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    EvRev, thanks and btw love your quote.
    I think it will also be a good investment but obviously it may take a bit.

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    One of my good friends did the MovNat cert and said it was totally worth while. I think the trick is finding the time and setting the moeny aside to just go and do it.
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    I would strongly recommend going to a workshop. I have done a workshop and the certification and LOVED both. It really gives you a direction to go. Sometimes it's hard to think of everything on your own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonnyoutlaw View Post
    EvRev, thanks and btw love your quote.
    You're welcome, and thanks!

    The certification and workshop are definitely on my radar...but right now I think the RKC will be a better investment for me...heh, and I thought my Personal Trainer cert was expensive...
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