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Thread: Great USDA food pyramid articles?

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    Great USDA food pyramid articles?

    I've read some great ones over the years but my bookmarks folder is failing me. If you have a favourite that focuses specifically on deconstructing and critiquing the food pyramid with good referencing please share here to save me time.

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    Google is your friend. Start with 'Criticism of the Food Pyramid' and go from there.

    Denise Minger is made of win, as usual.
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    Thanks, I agree and Denise Minger was one of my first searches, I know she is bringing out a book on the subject. Also searched Chris Kresser and Chris Masterjohn. I'll look again tomorrow if I can, am seeking a stand alone comprehensive critique that doesn't assume prior knowledge or a paleo leaning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleom View Post
    I've read some great ones over the years
    Was it this you meant?


    It's since been replaced by a "plate". But that's much the same.

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    Thanks for that Lewis, not one I've seen before.

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