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Thread: 10,000 KB swing challenge in 10 or 30 days

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    Quote Originally Posted by govinca View Post
    One of the best aspects of kettlebell (and sandbag) training IMO is that it's so easy to take it with you and keep training effectively when you're out of town. So no excuses!!
    Not so fast my friend..... So getting ready to go out of town for your 25th wedding aniversary trip.... "Honey, what is in that bag?" "Ah what bag?"
    I Kettlebell therefore I am.

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    DONE. 10,000 swings. I feel a little awesome and a little like I spent the last week in a bare knuckle fight with Mickey from Snatch. Doesn't help that today I decided to do a bunch of tire flips and sandbag clean & presses...
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    I have done three days so far ... Logging it all here Including Daily HRV and Waking HR :-)

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