Just wondering if anyone has used the Primal Blueprint to overcome ME/CFS or serious adrenal issues. I am in my early 40's and have been in serious trouble with CFS for 5 years. Have been down pretty much every known route and been hospitalised 8 times. Doctors have told me its "incurable" and to retire!...I would have been very active....runner/football/gym/bike.....Lived a pretty full life with work/travel etc but all that has completely stopped. I had been on a large amount of prescription medication to try and restart my adrenals but it was not successful so about 4 months ago I came off all prescribed meds and tried to adjust diet to improve my quality of life. Symptoms included low blood pressure/low white cell count(3.2)/ low cortisol/terrible sleep including apnoea that is not relieved by the use of CPAP/ terrible blood sugar dips.... Also I can no longer handle mental stress of any sort or very little physical stress.....

Since I adjusted my diet I have got better control of my blood sugar and the day to day weakness is not as bad. Dietary wise I have not gone Primal yet but have cut out the rubblish... no sugar/sweets/bread/bananas /biscuits/processed meats.... reduced dairy to full fat butter and small amounts of milk. Eat alot of raw fruit and veg/fish/chicken/beef/nuts/eggs/...... Since doing this I have dropped about 15 pounds but weight loss is my objective....though I am sure carrying around all that fat was not helping. When I was training my body fat was 11%...its 22% now...went to 26%

Supplement wise I take CQ10/Flax seed oil/cod liver oil/DHEA/Kelp/Magnesium/Spirulina/Vitamin D3/Multivitamin....

Apologies for the long winded message!!!.....would love to hear from anyone with advice or who has been down the same road or especially if you have used Primal Living to beat this horrible condition!!

All the best