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Thread: Getting ready to go Primal and a question

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    Getting ready to go Primal and a question

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    Hey everyone,
    I'm from southwest Missouri and my wife and I will be going Primal starting next week. We are currently 3/4 the way through the 21 Day Transformation book. I've been lurking for a few weeks, but really want to get involved in this great community!

    I've been researching Primal foods that are available in my area and have a question regarding one option I've found.

    At our local farmer's market there is only one option for beef. After speaking with the seller, I learned that the beef is Belgian Blue Beef. A brochure I picked up says that this beef has 0.76% total fat versus traditional american beef with 25 - 35% total fat or lean american beef with 15 - 25% total fat. I asked if the beef was grass-fed/pastured and was told it is pastured, then grain finished.

    My question is: It's my understanding that I want fat in my beef. Should I stay away from this Belgian Blue Beef?


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    It just depends on what your other options are in your surrounding area.

    Grain-finished isn't preferred if you can find (and afford) grass fed & finished. Keep in mind, this is not CAFO (feedlot) beef, so you're already 100x better than anything you'd buy in a grocery store. Are they raised humanely? Do they live in a clean environment, relatively stress-free? These are other things to consider as well as what their diet is.

    If I didn't have access to grass fed & finished, I would feel ok buying this beef, assuming the answers to the other questions are "Yes."

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