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    You should know that beets are literally the plant about 20% of our refined sugar comes from. There's a variety of beet called the sugarbeet (go figure) that is processed to hell and back again for table sugar. It is a very sweet plant. WHen you're drinking beet're basically just swigging unrefined sucrose. Which is fine - just be aware that that's pretty much what it is. Would it be any different from coconut water, really? Hmm, of course there are some vitamins and minerals in there too...if the industrial juicing process doesn't leech that stuff out.

    Also note, this is a picture of a geneticist whose job it is to work with beets
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    Beets are in my top 3 starchy tubers I eat to support my energy needs when I train hard. Red potatoes, and sweet potatoes round out that list. I cannot recover with a low carb approach. I can lose a lot of weight but that is not what I am trying to do At this point.
    Like any kind of juice I avoid beet juice. It lacks the bulk and many of the nutrients and minerals that whole beets have. I grow them and purchase them fresh. They are easily pickled and a batch doesn't last long.
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    most people that say they can't train and recover low carb have never actually tried it for long enough. you have to give your body time to adapt and once it does your performance goes through the roof. it doesn't just happen overnight when you've been eating carbohydrates your entire life
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    Drinking the fresh juice of a beet or two each day is a wonderful preventative health measure, and it may help reverse many problems. For taste, beet juice can be mixed with carrot juice or apple juice.

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    Take an extremely sweet root and remove the fiber. Ya, you're left with pure unadulterated sugar.

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