I have tinnitus. It comes in a few forms:

  • Heartbeat in ear if I lay down.
  • Low background ringing.
  • High pitched ringing to the beat of my pulse in my left ear. Happens if I run.
  • High pitched ringing if I have a lot of alcohol

I saw a hearing specialist, he said not to worry about it and didn't know what to do. I had my hearing checked, and it's perfect.

Mainly I eat fish, meat, eggs, sweet potatoes, vegetables, cottage cheese, berries, and sometimes rice. I don't supplement magnesium, maybe I should.

Possible causes:

  • Had a bike accident, hurt the left side of my jaw. Its still tense, but thereapists can't seem to fix it. I noticed the heartbeat in my ear after this, and a dentist had suggested it could happen.
  • Had my wisdom teeth out. Only noticed the ringing after this, but it might have been present before.

It may be some other thing. Has anyone had experience with non-hearing loss related tinnitus. Specifically, has anyone *beaten* this kind of tinnitus?