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Thread: After One Year...

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    After One Year...

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    It was July 4, 2011. I had trained 1,596 miles running YTD, had eaten my pre-race cereal and went out and raced a 4-miler in 31:14. I was 5'9" and 176lbs (down from 190 earlier that year) A fellow runner told me about PB after the race. He had been following it for a month at the time and since nothing inspires like seeing someone else run well I Kindled the book, checked out MDA and began following the PB the next day. Last year has seen my weight as low as 158 and with some consistent weight lifting, today I weighed in at 172. I went out with no breakfast in temps in the low 80's (much warmer than last year) and finished in a very strong 28:43. I feel much healthier and my run miles YTD are down to 1,041. If you had told me last year I would take over 2-minutes off my time at the same weight in hotter weather on much fewer base miles, I would not have believed it. Doing is believing. I feel very good at 50 years of age and look forward to more, strong running.

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    +1 That is great to see the results.
    "Most men stop when they begin to tire. Good men go until they think they will collapse. But the VERY BEST men know that the mind tires before the body and push themselves beyond all limits. Only when all of these limits have been shattered can the unattainable be reached." ~Dan Gable

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    Very awesome pace2race!

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