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Thread: Primal Packed Lunches

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    Primal Packed Lunches

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    So I'm starting a new job this Monday and would like to be able to pack my lunches (for both convenience and to save money). The problem is, I'm having a hard time thinking of anything other than cold meat, some salad greens and/or carrots and a piece of fruit.

    Any suggestions for some more variety?
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    Eggs! Either hard boiled or an omelet made ahead of time, which reheats nicely in the microwave.

    I often make "extra" dinner and take leftovers as my lunch the next day.

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    Is there a microwave available?

    Some cold ideas:

    Chicken salad
    Egg salad
    Cold steak
    Salads with sardines
    Cold soups
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    Most of the time I skip lunch -- around here that seems to be called intermittent fasting. Its easier and I don't have to pack food. I do keep a can of coconut milk at my desk for the hangry times.

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    Some of the salad in a jar recipes look good.

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    I cut red/orange/yellow peppers into wide strips and dip them in blue cheese dressing like chips. Nuts are always a good filler. Can of tuna.

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    Here are some kid lunch ideas that you can resize for your own needs:

    school lunch ideas from Everyday Paleo

    And leftovers are also excellent if you have a way to reheat if necessary. PLANNED leftovers are common in our house, for exactly this purpose
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    -hardboiled eggs [or I bring a couple to scramble in the microwave]
    -greek yogurt with chia "cereal"
    -repurposed leftovers [LOVE "deconstructed" tacos, burger patty with greens, roast chicken with gravy, etc]
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    My family and I cook a ton of burgers, meatloaf, porkchops and chicken breast on Sunday then we eat it through out the week. Throw in a avacado a piece of fruit and you have a complete meal!

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    Big Ass Salad. I pack a salad every day. It's usually the same base of lettuce/spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers, then sometimes I add a little feta, avocado, or some other veggies I might have, and I switch up the protein: tinned salmon, sardines, leftover chicken or beef or sausages, ham.
    I keep a bottle of very good quality olive oil and one of balsamic vinegar at my desk.
    Even though it's almost the same every day, without fail every lunch hour one or more of my colleagues will tell me how good my lunch looks.
    It might sound a bit boring, but it certainly streamlines the night-before routine to know exactly what I'm making for tomorrow's lunch.
    Oh, and here's my "professional salad-packer" tip: build your salad upside down. I.e. put your protein in the bottom of the container first, then your cheese, chopped veg, and finish with the lettuce. You can dress it with oil & vinegar in the container, giver 'er a small shake, and then flip it out into a big bowl or plate and it looks perfectly freshly assembled.

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