Hi, everyone: Day 8 Paleo (after the long weekend), and couldn't wait to get on the scales at work.

Height: 5:10
Starting Weight: 161 km

Day 8 Height: Still 5'10" !!! (hahaha)
Current weight: 155.5 km

I have never felt better. In week 1, I walked to work 3 x (12km) and lifted weights 1 x.

I am sticking strictly to the programme and feel unbelievable energy, great sleeping patterns, and no cravings.

I have always eaten clean, but since going Palao, I have dropped sugar, wheat and dairy.

Today, I visited my neighbourhood health food store to p/u my Coconut milk and Coconut oil. What a treat it was to have raspberries and blueberries in a bit of Coconut milk --- better than cheesecake.

Also, I've been craving fish and fish oils and sardines. I visited my fish store and tonight I BBQ's fresh sardines on the BBQ with sweet potatoes and swiss chard.

I'm a believer -- can't believe how amazing I feel!