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Thread: Gary Taubes article in NYT Sunday

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    Gary Taubes article in NYT Sunday

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    So this was published a few days ago, so sorry if people have already talked about it, but Gary Taubes discusses a recent clinical trial by Dr. David Ludwig of Boston Children’s Hospital which showed that people naturally burned more calories per day on a very-low carb diet than they did on low-fat or low glycemic index diets (it also did better than very-low carb Atkins diets).

    Pretty interesting. Nice to see some non-CW studies getting discussed more mainstream.
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    Stephen mentions this at whole health source and in one paragraph basically destroys Taubes' article.

    Whole Health Source: Why Did Energy Expenditure Differ Between Diets in the Recent Study by Dr. Ludwig's Group?

    This is at the very end of the article:

    "* Such as Gary Taubes's op-ed article in the NYT today. It proclaimed triumphantly that "a new study suggests that carbs, not calories, lead to weight gain". Back in reality-land, the study had nothing to do with what causes weight gain-- it was about fat loss maintenance in people who are already overweight (which are not metabolically analogous to pre-obese people as Taubes claims). There are numerous studies that compare the ability of fat and carbohydrate to actually cause fat gain, but these are inconvenient because they invariably show that 1) calorie intake is the dominant factor, and 2) fat is equally or more fattening than carbohydrate at a given calorie intake-- for example the study that concluded: "Excess dietary fat leads to greater fat accumulation than does excess dietary carbohydrate..." (26). In Dr. Ludwig's paper and the accompanying editorial in JAMA, they made no claims about carbohydrate being more fattening than fat, and they didn't even broach the topic, because Dr. Ludwig's study is not relevant to the question. I would love to see Dr. Ludwig set the record straight on this, but unfortunately most researchers don't fight back when their results are abused in the popular media. "

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    Peter Attia has a detailed writeup of the study that I found interesting:

    Good science, bad interpretation « The Eating Academy | Peter Attia, M.D.

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    Yeah....I didn't read the NYT article (cause for science....journalist suck). It has been discussed here though for MDA forums

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