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Thread: ideas to feed vegan friend!

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    I whipped up a lime cilantro pesto today to go with my/our lunch. Also a nice salad w/ plenty of avocado. Cooked seasonal/local squash in carmelized onions. That'd all likely get a vegan salivating. (I also had nice prawns & some left over turkey + goat cheese in the pesto, but none of that is vegan food but it was yummy for me...) Btw, since about more than a decade ago, I NEVER put pine nuts in any of my pestos: pine nuts are expensive & usually rancid or approaching rancidity in my experience unless you can harvest them fresh. I used to use soaked almonds in my pestos, but since I started using goat cheeses I found I didn't miss having nut in there. I was vegan in the 80s & early 90s but call myself "a qualitarian" whenever anyone asks...

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    I do a salad with bowls of different things to put on it. For vegetarians I would do a lasagna with eggplant or kale for the noodle layers.
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    Grilled portobello mushrooms with a nice pesto are really delicious and satisfying. Grill up some avocado halves with cumin, adobo pepper, sea salt and lemon to serve on top with a side of sweet potato salad. Yummy!
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    I love to do soup, salad, dessert as a good meal, and you can serve bread even f you don't eat it ( i usually do for folks, as a filler for them).

    I would make a pumpkin-fennel soup, a warm cavolo nero salad (cavolo nero, roasted peppers, red onion, garlic, mushrooms if you'd like, but of mustard -- real whole seed mustard -- walnuts or pine nuts toasted into it), and then a nice raw ice cream using coconut cream, avocado, and flavors available (probably chocolate and almond or hazelnut using primal cocoa and chopped nuts).

    For this last bit, it's basically take avocado and coconut cream, blend together with cocoa and then stir through the nuts. place in a container and freeze. Let it defrost a smidge before scooping into a bowl. I can't tell you serving amounts; you'll have to eye-ball it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by magicmerl View Post
    We have Vegan friends (I think that Vegans have a lot more in common with Primal folks than differences), and we have found the following to work:
    1. A veggie stir fry cooked in olive oil on a lowish heat.
    2. Roasted root vegetables with a leafy green side salad.
    3. Pumpkin soup.
    4. Fruit skewers for dessert (fruit chunks threaded onto kebab sticks).
    Thanks for all the ideas, will use them to feed myself!

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