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Thread: Minimus Vs. Vibram

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    I have a pair of FiveFinger Spyridon's and a pair of New Balance Minimus 3090's. I tried on the Minimus MT20 Trail shoes and they are nice too.

    If I had to have just one pair, I would go with a pair of Minimus. The 3090's are a great all around shoe with a bit of cushioning yet still very light and minimal. If you want a more minimal feel with a more rugged sole go with the MT20, if you want a bit more cushioning at the expense of some durability, go with the 3090s. If really depends on what you plan to be doing with them.

    If this will be your first minimalist shoe, I also think the Nike Free Run+ 3.0 are real nice shoes. More cushioning than the minimus but I believe they are the most minimalist Free's to date and they are incredibly comfortable if you like a bit of cushioning. If you are really active especially with high impact sports or are very heavy I suggest easing away from conventional running shoes slowly so as to prevent injury.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wanderlust View Post
    I have both, there is a big difference.

    Minimus-Like sex with an ultra thin condom
    VFF-Like sex without a rubber
    HA! What about regular shoes? like sex with a sock?

    to OP, I'm a HUGE fan of Vibrams over the other shoe types. Are you sure about the toe thing? Or did it just feel weird when you tried them on? If you buy at REI they will let you bring them back within 30 days. I'd buy a pair and give them a real test.

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    I tried on merels and NB yesterday, and the shoe sales man (who was barefoot!) said to have about a finger width of space between my toe and the end of the shoe. But they feel so big when there is that much room. Some say they should fit like a glove. He said they will give you bruised toenails if your toe doesnt have the right amount of space. So... How should they fit?
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    They should fit like a condom...errr... glove. I made the mistake of buying one size too big, bad idea. It should be snug.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirlot View Post
    I use the Merrels and love them but I am thinking of getting these
    Huaraches Barefoot Running Sandals of the Tarahumara Indians |
    I was interested in those for a while, but ended up going with the Unshoes version of this sort of sandal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buffdv View Post
    HA! What about regular shoes? like sex with a sock?
    More like terrible sex. Just lie still and wait until it's over. Blah. DEATH TO TOE CORSETS!
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    Vibrams don't fit me well either. I have a wide foot, high instep, and weird toes. I have the New Balance minimus zeros and I LOVE them. My kids wear Vibrams though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingofturtles View Post
    I should add that the angles and pronation and everything else thats "bad" is simply "different" than a normal shoe. I dont know if different = bad. I dont care about vibrams so I didnt delve too deep into it.
    The angles are different, if I walk any distance in "normal" shoes my ankles start hurting because of the unnatural angles they, the shoes, make them, my ankles, work in.

    As for running will heel lift? my knees say ouch just thinking about it. I've had tendonitis in both knees, strange how it went away when I got rid of heel lift...
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    i have high, rigid arches and skinny feet without much fat. I would really like to try a pair of minimalist shoes....but can't decide. I tried to put a pair of Vibrams on but my pinkie toe (that has lived basically underneath the toe next to it all my life) could not be straightened and put into the toe slot. I currently run ~10-12 miles a week, but am putting on miles slowly for a 1/2 marathon. I have chronic hip flexor and knee problems and was thinking maybe these new style shoes would help me out but with my arches I am not sure. Out of all the shoes mentioned in the above posts, which ones do you think might suit me? I understand a slow transition is best. I am currently running in Nike LUnarglides, but used Pegasus for many years prior. i just saw some minimalist shoes called Newtons--anyone use?
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    Just over a year ago I had a spikeless track shoe - the Brooks Mach11 - fairly minimal but that's not what it was made for - and I had constant knee pain when running at all. Annoying. So I finally caved and bought some Vibrams (this was pre-Primal Era for me - my brother started barefootin' it in 2006 and has loved VFFs for years) and my 5k time dropped from 33 minutes to 22. VFFs are pretty sweet - HOWEVER - they really have to fit your feet. I have Morten's toe, and I can't wear vibrams anymore. they literally make my pinky toenails fall off. So make sure you get the right fit.

    Next I got some Merrell True Gloves - those have been good shoes. They are a bit tight mid-foot, but a decent size toebox and they've been good to me. Earlier this year I got some Minimus MT10s and have put a TON of trail-time on them (a LOT more than is Primally advised) and they have been really good to me.

    Most recently I have tried the Altra Adam's (they have a Laced version called the Samson that I haven't tried) - basically the Adam is as minimal as the Vibram but without the toes. I like them - but I can't run DOWN trails in the Adams because the strap kind of digs into your foot a bit. Otherwise they are some of the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned.

    I'm glad you got the Vibrams and hope they work out for you - I really did love them until they killed my toes and toenails. Make sure they FIT!
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