Why do people resist cutting grains so much? I have a couple of friends with digestive issues - two with IBS and one with Colitis. Both of them are so resistant to cut out grains. When I give them resources to read, tell them to just give it a shot for one month and see how they feel, their responses always sound like lame excuses to not try. It angers me that my friend with Colitis has a doctor who would prefer giving her these wild meds and since he's such an "expert" she prefers his advice over challenging him a little with her own research.

I know I can't force people to adapt to healthier eating habits, but I've literally not been able to convince ONE friend in the 1.5 years I've been primal. People are interested, they think it's impressive that I can leave a bun on the side of my plate, but when people in my office are sick 5x a year and I've not been sick one time, still no one wants to make an effort.

So I've all but stop talking about what I eat and why. I don't want to seem "above" anyone. I just care about people and wish more of the general public would catch on. I'm afraid there's still a long long way to go. The best I can do at this point is just lead by example.

What has worked? How to get people to stop defending their "healthy" diets?