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    I'm not a big dreamer, but what I find really odd is I've seem some really messed up $h!t, but I never have really bad dreams. But a lot of people who have never really seen anything particularly graphic have some really twisted dreams.
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    About a month ago, as my wife and I were dozing off, I said, "Let's have the same dreams tonight." Or something to that effect. We both had numerous complex dreams, the odds of finding common threads on waking were slim. But, sequentially discussed, the third part of my dreaming story revealed that we'd both dreamed about Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen that night. Wut-wut-wuuuuUT?! First, the odds we'd have any common dream theme. Second, that it would be about people we haven't heard of or seen anything about in probably a year. And third, that we'd have the presence and luck to relate it!

    Dreams! No odder animal to tame!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knifegill View Post
    Paleo-bunny, me too! I had to learn to fly. At first I could only jump and fall softly. Eventually I could just take off from standing. Never did master left or right, seems like turning always scratches the dream.

    I am often disappointed when I fail to move something with my mind the morning after a telekinetic dream, only to remember in short order that it was only in such a dream that it had worked. Lucidity - makes me laugh because I forget what was real and what wasn't.
    I tread air and hover near the ceiling in my dreams. It's the most intense feeling ever and I am totally convinced that I have experienced that. I also have very convincing dreams about levitating objects. However, I have never questioned my ability to master left or right - perhaps because the levitating takes precedence.

    When I said lucid perhaps I should have said vivid. I just go with what I am capable of in the dream because it's such fun. I doubt I am there yet in terms of lucid dreaming.
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    Wow- I mentioned this to someone else and they thought I was nutz. I actuAlly have nightmares if I eat a bunch of beef for dinner. Last night I had some delicious brisket, and sure enough a nightmare. In my dream I contracted AIDS from my ex-girlfriend. It was the most stressful dream of my life as I was trying to figure out how to tell my wife. What a relief when I woke up! I was stressed out all day today, and I haven't seen that ex girlfriend in 15 years, and been married for 10!

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    There is never a night where I don't have at least 2-3 vivid dreams. Vivid, but never logical. Just weird shit. A recent one for me was watching Kelsey Grammer giving Oprah a foot rub. In a luxury box at a New York Knicks game. Which happened to be taking place on Mars. At least they're never boring.

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    I wonder what kind of dreams our hunter/gatherer ancestors had, and if they had lucid dreams.

    Flying down the plain picking off 3 or 4 buffalo at a time sounds pretty fun.

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