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Thread: Primal Bodyweight Exercise

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    In his daily grind, Grok most likely had to manipulate his own bodyweight in a variety of different situations. He wasn't doing a bunch of push ups and sit ups, he was moving in sophisticated patterns according to the tasks he had to accomplish.

    We try to recreate that in Circular Strength Training by applying the 6 Degrees of Freedom to our program conception. I just posted a new bodyweight workout on Bodyweight TV if you're interested. <= Link to the blog post

    And the best thing? You can stay out of the gym and soak up some vitamin D producing sunshine while summer is here!!

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    Awesome video! I&#39;ve bookmarked the site. I&#39;ve been trying to get out of my isolated muscle training mindset and move towards primal fitness. Your site seems like a great place to start. Thanks much!

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    Glad you liked it! We&#39;ll keep adding more as time permits.



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