I have several problems which combine into a difficulty in eating Primal this summer.

1) No A/C in my kitchen. I used fans to keep the air moving but my kitchen actually gets hotter than outside when I cook. So I try to suffer through cooking once a week, early in the morning, to try to make enough foods that taste good cold or microwaved to last the week. I have window units in my apartment bedroom and living room but the air doesn't circulate adequately to cool the kitchen - if I don't keep the kitchen closed off, it keeps the rest of the house from cooling enough to be comfortable.

2) I'm running out of Primal ideas that sound good. I work in foodservice, so I am in the heat more than 1/2 the day at work, and the last thing I want is hot or heavy food either at home or at work. So most meat sounds nauseating. Fish, raw or cooked, and eggs, are the few appealing proteins to me during the summer. I'm getting really tired of hard-boiled eggs/deviled eggs, crust less quiches, and meat and/or veggie based salads. I would happily eat sushi/sashimi every day (rice doesn't bother me) but that is way too expensive.

3) In this heat, sweet, light, carby foods are incredibly tempting and desirable. I would much rather have popsicles than steak for instance. The idea of a steak right now is just gross.

I've not been doing well sticking to Primal eating due to these issues. So, any suggestions to these issues would be very welcome. The issues are listed in order of importance.