Hello! I am interested in hearing from anyone who has had success adding potatoes, sweet or white, back into their diet on a regular basis. Last year I had a dreadful experience, while eating primally I lost a lot of weight and hair. I was not going below 50g a day but sadly it was not right for me somehow. I made the mistake of experimenting with WAPF but came back to primal after a couple of months. I started to shed a bit of hair and feel tired a few months ago so I have gently reintroduced potatoes. I am really happy to say that eating potatoes the night before irradicates afternoon exhaustion the following day, and I don't seem to have put any weight on. I now eat potatoes most days. I hardly ever exceed 150g carbs and mostly hang about 80-100g. Anyone else relate to the positive potato thing?

Don't mean to be rude but hyper low carb evangelists can jog on. In a nice way