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Thread: Potato Success

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    Pretty much the same as everyone else. I was VLC/ZC, added back in potatoes and white rice, now much happier. Sweet potatoes also bother my digestion.

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    I eat white potato, sweet potato, rice, or tapioca on pretty much a daily basis, and I also eat fruit (usually at least one banana and one other fruit plus some berries daily), in the 100-150g per day range. I've continued to see fat loss and feel great. My mood and my clarity of thought is much better than when I was restricting carbs, and my athletic performance and recovery time is much better as well.

    And unlike what some people might claim, my ability to fast when needed doesn't seem to be impaired at all, and I don't experience any of the blood sugar crashes or other things that some people claim will go along with eating starches. Maybe if I was eating SAD levels of refined carbs and was inactive that might be different, but on good quality food with regular activity, it doesn't seem to be an issue for me at all.
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    Ah this is so encouraging! Thanks for your feedback. I am trying to eat my carbs as starch (potatoes) or low fructose fruit, as I now understand a bit more about the fructose metabolic pathway. I wonder if I ate enough fructos-y fruit to meet my carb requirements if it might stick to my thighs a bit!
    I too find potatoes very satisfying as part of this WOE, and since I'm always eating them with plenty of fat and protein I am freed from the energy slump I used to get when I ate a low fat diet. I try to choose lower GI options, like new potatoes (jersey royals I adore you) or sweet pot wedges with scrubbed skins, baked, with fat, or sauteed / roasted spuds over higher GI serving styles like mashed or baked potatoes. I actually sleep better too... but I have also cut out dairy, which I think used to make me need to pee in the night! It's also another way for me to get more iron, B vits and magnesium into my diet. I know they have vit C too but probably it's depleted during cooking.
    The Perfect Health Diet looks interesting. Seems like a compromise between Paleo and WAPF. I often wonder what the low carb experts make of the uncontacted Amazon tribes, the last living link to our paleolithic ancestors, who cultivate cassava!

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    Low GI is the way to go.

    There's a huge metabolic advantage of glucose over frucotse.

    Most low-carbers have to obtain the bulk of their carbs from fructose in order to obtain adequate nutrition from vegetables. That ratio is even worse if they chose to eat much fruit.
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    I never took them out, so I can't say if there's a difference. But we ate potatoes once a week at most pre-primal. And I think it would be a stretch to say we eat them 2x/week now. We eat rice. And by "eat rice" I mean rice is the perferred side dish, and some of us choose to eat it and some dont.

    I know if I eat too much rice with dinner, I'm hungry sooner (sometimes before bed!) and don't IF as long. Potatoes don't seem to have the same effect.
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    I eat half a cup of uncooked rice almost daily. I need it as i dont like eating fruit, due to fructose malabsorption so that would rule out a LC diet for me. Squashes and stuff dont have enough carbs so a starchy option is a must really. I choose to avoid potatoes only because they are nightshade, something i believe i have identified to give me negative effects. Which sucks because i love capsicum, eggplant and tomatoes

    I'm thinking of introducing Taro and parsnips but i'm weary of possible side effects. Sweet potatoe i could have but due to having ffructose malabsorption, it is recommended to have half a cup serving which is pointless really so i dont think i will bother.

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    I eat sweet potatoes and still don't go over 100g of carbs a day (does that mean I should jog on?). Anyhow I'm in the 50-100 areas from sweet tators and raw or cultured dairy right now. I eat very little vegetable or fruit (basically just what I grow and pick to "flavor" my food), but eat plenty of the odds and ends (liver, kidney, heart, and broth).

    I'm trying this out in contrast with my 50-100g of primarily veggies and BAS that I was doing.

    So far I think I like this route better. I'm not convinced that all those extra veggies are actually more health promoting that eating more liver and such. Plus less nonsoluble fiber = less intestinal BLAH in my case. I didn't have any problem with LC or VLC when I did it. I'm just experimenting with varying where my limited carbs come from for now.

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    We have one of potatoes/kumara/rice pretty much every day as the carb with our evening meal.
    Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

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    I eat either white potatoes or white rice virtually every day now. I was VLC for about 18 months but gradually began to feel sort of weary - and had digestive issues (it really did improve asthma though). Began to re-introduce potatoes and white rice and my energy levels improved immediately, sleep improved and weight stayed stable.

    And they TASTE so good - jersey royals in butter with steamed asparagus is a meal I adore!

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    Now it's summer and the small new, white potatoes taste great I think! For some reason they are more satiating and taste of more when eaten cold/room temp. than hot for me. But it is nicer when butter melts on them... Eaten cooled, something like creme fraice goes well with them.
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