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Thread: Hello from Hampshire, England!

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    Hello from sunny west Yorkshire. I loved pasta too and recently read about banana flour on MDA, might be on my "to try list". Good luck with the goals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KerryK View Post
    How fabulous you can work from home Gary!

    'Lo everyone else! Chronyx! Addlestone! a coupla miles away! We lived in Hamm Court on the Thames in a lovely bungalow. We're kicking ourselves thinking how much that house is worth now!

    I am only consoled knowing that marmite is in most stores here in Westchester. Not sure how to eat it now that I no longer eat bread!
    I know the place! (Although isn't it the canal system rather than the Thames?)

    Yup house prices here are insane, good if you got in at the right time, not so good for your self-employed 27 year old Primalists ...still as long as I have good food and a healthy body I can go without owning for now!

    Hmmm, somehow I don't think it would work as well as hummus if you dipped carrot or celery in it! Bleurgh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Conway View Post
    I'd much rather be outdoors in the British summer (rain?).
    Just back from five days in the Peak District. I was assessing five teams doing their Duke of Edinburgh Award Gold expeditions. Appalling weather a lot of the time and I was really impressed with how all 23 of them coped.

    While I was near the top of Rushup Edge on Monday waiting for the teams to come through, I saw a vision come out of the cloud. It was somebody running up the hill. When the apparition got closer I saw that it was a bloke in shorts and 'T' shirt. He was about 70 - 75 years old. Use it or lose it, and he was certainly using it. After about twenty minutes he came running back down again. Must have been one of them there fell runners.

    I'm back up there again Friday next week assessing three teams doing their Silver expeditions. I certainly hope the weather is a bit better. Is the drought over yet?
    Why use a sledge hammer to crack a nut when a steam roller is even more effective, and, is fun to drive.

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