Hi everyone, my name is Geovanni, from Miami , Florida. I have lost 11 pounds in 21 days of primal nutrition and exercise. Started at 205 lbs on June 11th and I'm down to 194 lbs by July 1st.

I'm 5' 7", and have been overweight all my life. My weight for the last 30 years has fluctuated between 185 and 195 with peaks along the way of 205, 210 and even 215 lbs a couple of times during this time. I'm 55 by the way.

According to weight tables my ideal weight should be between 145 and 155, so that's what I'm aiming as a goal, the same goal that has been so elusive for all this time. Throughout the years i had no problem losing those 5, 10 or 15 pounds over my average weight, but never more than that and never in just 21 days like this time. Usually by practically starving myself and jogging for long periods of time everyday.

But, for the last 4 or 5 years it seems i have been struggling more and more in order to lose weight and in searching for answers i came to MDA about 4 weeks ago. I started reading article after article and couldn't have enough. Success stories, recipes, and almost all of Mark's writings, which by the way are so informational that there was no other choice for me but try the program all the way.

This is a rundown of what i have done so far to achieve the 11lbs loss. I started walking early in the morning for 45 minutes and on the second week i mixed walking with light jogging. I now walk fast for 2 minutes and jog for another two until i have completed no more than 45 minutes for the day. Today on my 22 day I introduced weight lifting for about 10 minutes. Just arm exercises and I will do back exercises tomorrow and the following days chest, shoulders , legs and core (abs).

As far as nutrition in concern i went all in primal from the very first day, except last saturday when i had one small scoop of rum raisin ice cream. i started with a big breakfast the first day with bacon , sausage and 2 eggs but after three days i had to decrease the amount , i was just not hungry anymore in the mornings and sometimes i have breakfast at noon with only a cup of coffee at around 8:00 am. I guess that's IF without really thinking about it.

By the way I have also done sprinting in the form of Tabata sprints, those leave me exhausted but satisfied of doing the program the right way.

I really hope that my little story and success helps someone still on the sideline, go on, take the plunge, is worth it. I have pictures i took before i started and will be posting them with after pictures at 6 weeks.

Hope you guys have a great day and week.