Iíve done the 30 day challenge thing before, but never kept a journal of it. Usually, I just stick to a whole30 type diet to kick my cravings for nuts and cheese, but this will be 30 Days of Hell because Iím adding a little something. My birthday was just a couple of days ago, which means Iíve been on a bit of a shitty food binge and need to rein it in. Iím also about six weeks out from the New England Spartan Sprint, so now is a good time to switch up my training to more endurance work. So, for the rest of July, Iím going pretty strict on the diet and doing as many Spartan Race WODs as my body can handle.

Strict primal, meaning my meals will likely be made of meat, veggies, fish, eggs, good fats, fruit, and perhaps a bit of dark chocolate. I canít afford much grass fed food, so Iíll likely be sticking with more conventional meats and veggies, but daily sardines will keep those omega ratios level. Since its summer, Iíll likely stick to Big Ass Salads, grilled meat, burgers, sausagy things, roasted veggies and condiments for meals. If I snack at all, it will either be sardines, hard boiled eggs, cured meats, apples, cherries or pickles, with 85%+ dark chocolate as an occasional indulgence. After tonight, I wonít have any dairy or nut products (need to use up a little cheese and some almond butter), and Iíll hopefully go the month alcohol free (unless I get some great reason to celebrate, like a new job). This likely means that I wonít be going out to eat at all, but if Iím at a bbq or something, I might go a little easy and accept some primal-ish foods.

This is where the hell part will come in. Iíve spent most of the past couple of years doing bodyweight lifting, walking, biking, sprints and a little jogging here and there. I really donít spend a good deal of time doing a lot of Ďexercisingí. But, since I think change begets change, I figured now is as good a time as any to make a switch in that department too. So, Iíll be trying the Spartan WODs. They are primarily focused around bodyweight work and endurance, but unlike my usual workouts, they are longer and entirely about metabolic conditioning. Some I just wonít be able to do, but Iíve got 6 months of WODs saved up if I need to find a replacement on some days. Others, Iím sure, will have to be adapted to my level of fitness, but Iím going to try to do whatever is listed. My goal is to do at least 20 WODs over the 30 daysÖthat really doesnít seem like much, does it?

I should easily lose all the fat I put on during the week of my birthday, where I made the SAD shake its head in disgust. Given my activity level, I also expect to lose some additional fat, especially since Iíll likely stay with standard lower-carb primal fare unless I really start craving some potatoes. I want to optimize my fat-burning potential. In terms of conditioning, I expect that I will at least maintain my strength, but also increase my stamina. Compared to last fall, Iíve been more winded than I used to be during workouts (probably due to the intensity), needing rest more on mountains, and added a couple of minutes to my 5k time. I donít, and likely wonít, have the numbers for all this, but Iíll be able to notice an improvement in all areas, and Iíll report those as I notice them.