I've hopped on the Primal wagon a couple of times, and seriously started again about a week ago. Overall, I love how I feel. Apart from being unable to control what oils restaurants use to cook my food in, I've adopted the basic tenets of Primal living. (Granted, it's only been a week.) My downfall is not processed sweets or grains, though -- it's fruit. Today, for example, I had around 5 flat peaches (that I picked myself from an organic farm) and a quarter of a watermelon! I fear that this is jeopardizing my ability to get into the "sweet spot" for weight loss on the Carbohydrate Curve (i.e. between 50-100 macronutrients/day, ideally under 50).

Does anyone else suffer from the same issues? How did you cure yourself of it? Once you weaned yourself off from fruit (if you did, that is), did your weight loss accelerate instantly? It's just so much more difficult to avoid fruit in the summer, although for me avoiding it altogether is easier than moderating the amount.

I'm a girl in my late teens, 6'0 tall, and about 182 lbs. My ideal weight is 143-150 lbs. My goal for the end of this month is to reach 165 lbs. Do you think this is possible?

Thank you! Grok on!