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    Recovery from a torn labrum

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    I had a torn labrum and surgery in November now I am back to lifting, but not at 100%. I want to do high intensity training while lifting to decrease body fat, but I don't know how since i cannot reinjure myself. Any ideas. I bench but at a lighter weight approx 35lbs each side with bar. I am 5'8'' 160 primal 7 weeks

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    I assume this is your glenoid labrum? Just take it slow, any pain you need to stop. I would avoid anything too "dynamic" until you build your strength back up. Bench should be ok as long as you go slow and use common sense.
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    I'd be inclined to speak with your physiotherapist to be on the safe side, but if that's not an option, then yeah - go gently, listen to your body, and really think about strengthening all the supporting muscles to minimise the risk of additional injury. Maybe focus on squats etc as your primary high intensity/heavy lifts in the meantime, looking at a more gradual increase in upper body strength work? Best of luck!

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    Couple of things. 1 research shows that by lifting heavy with your good arm, it will have cross-over effects in the repaired shoulder.
    2. This gives you a great oppoertunity to really focus on legs

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