Hi guys im 18 years old i dont know much about the primal diet granted it is all about simplicity it's also apparently about science and to many big words for me to understand all of them being only 18 and not a health major or a health guru. I use to play football and wrestle i was in great shape as in strength for my age benching 280 pounds at 180.I stopped playing sports really and just starter going to partys and drinking and well you know that shit adds up and now im not fat but i wanna get ripped and lose some fat im at 160 pounds now and i would say that i have 10-15 pounds of fat i need to lose to have very nice and noticable abs. Also i use to box and i want to get back into boxing at club level in college.(the main reason im doing this besides to have a very nice beach bod while i start my first year of college at university of south carolina.

My goals are to Lose fat (10-20 pounds) while increasing muscle strength, cut out sugars (candys mainly junk food) and get that beautifull 6 pac we all want.

have many questions about how this diet will effect my body and if it is right for me personally.

i cant say i agree with everything primal due to the fact todays society its to ahrd to be primal where i live and all that i willl try to be as primal as i can but im looking to use this as a diet not a belief i want what will maximize my performance to achieve my goals and i am aware that low carb diets work this is just an extreme low carb diet correct??

1.i will be boxing 30 minutes a day + running 2 miles outside in the morning or afternoon also while working out with weights. my question is will this change in eating habbits support my requirements will i have the energy to do this with out damaging/ hurting my body.

2. i love protien and i always have but for meats i really only eat lean chicken,steaks,beef,bacon,sausage,ham.(which of these meats are the bests for my body and which are bad for this diet if any) i see people talking about eating raw meats i cant do that yes i understand this is a life style but i want this to be a life style for my summer and if it works i can only see myself as to continue this tradition

3,i dont understand why people say its bad for your heart and all that risk of heart disease or stroke or idk please someone tell me what the risks of this diet are(dont be bias)

4. how important is sleep i generally get to sleep at 2 and wake up either really late or early how can i be assured that i am getting the right number of hours of sleep or at what times should i be going to sleep at and wakinng up at.

5. Stress i heard is a big variable in this diet they say to keep stress levels down why i dont get it is it due to the heart problems or what?

6. i love milk and whey protien i have whey after i work out all the time some times ill even make shakes when i wake up i read something about no dairy why it has no carbs. will it maximize my performance torwards my goals but its frowned apon because it goes against primal beliefs??