I just finished entering today's eats into PaleoTrack (which I just discovered today, goodbye crappy nutritional recommendations from my previous calorie tracking program!) and I ate a little over 3200 kcal today, all primal+dairy (butter, heavy whipping cream). I feel pretty full but not disgustingly I might puke up my guts or crap my pants at any second kind of full I get with SAD eating. I've never used this program before so maybe it is ringing things up differently but usually my calories are closer to 1800-1950. MacNut ratios are at 69%Fat/19%Protein/12%Carbs, totals at 256gFat/155gProtein/101gCarbs. I am a female, 5'5" and weight about 172 lbs currently. I don't work out a lot, no crossfit or anything like that. I've done some bodyweight stuff here and there but nothing dedicated as of yet, so not a trained elite athlete type or anything. And now for the question.

My question is, when I go all crazy on the noms like this (and stuff was NOM today) and ingest an insane amount of calories, etc., what are the best ways to both avoid gaining weight, and maybe get something beneficial out of it? What type of exercise would make the most of the fact that I ate over twice my BMR? Would lifting heavy things the day of be good to take advantage of the insane amount of protein or the day after, the day before? Should I throw in some cardio type stuff to burn some of those calories? Should I try some IFing afterward for a certain amount of time to make up for it?

It's too late to really do anything about it today but just wondering if anybody has any good advice on some stuff I could do to better my health on future feast days like this. Thanks!