My non-primal in-laws (SIL and BIL) were discussing how you often see fat swimmers, but not fat bikers...and that swimming is not an effective tool for staying in shape. I took some offense to this as I LOVE to swim and am in shape---they on the other hand are not. SIL is trying by counting calories and walking. BIL...not so much...but I can see/hear that he is being improperly influenced by CW.

Back to the point...I do love swimming. It is the ONLY exercise I truly look forward to doing. It is "play" for me and always has been. However, I recognize that swimming in chlorine has extreme drawbacks. What would you do? Limit swimming to once/twice per week? Also is this too much "cardio?" I dont usually sprint in swim workouts...but sometimes I, perhaps, do too many laps (70?) ~1 mile and recognize my need for more carbs those days...or else I want to nap later on!