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    Anyone Else Having Trouble with Rest Days?

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    I'm 20 days into a low-carb version of paleo/primal (paleo with small amounts of cream) and I'm having trouble getting through rest days. I know, I know, oh poor me right?

    The problem is I've been trying to overcome wicked shin splints (anterior splints with some knee pain from overly tight quads) in my quest to learn how to run. I really do need to rest and do nothing physical at least one day a week, but my brain keeps strongly suggesting I go do something. I keep having to tell myself that the 4 mile hike with a 2,000' elevation change that I so very much want to go do is not "rest."

    This is a big change for me, as a year ago I was sleeping at least 12 hours a day, and having serious trouble peeling myself out of bed to do anything other than eat. Now I'm up as soon as it's light, and going bonkers by 2pm if I haven't done something that produces sweat.

    My current schedule is crossfit 4 days a week, 1 recovery workout/lifting weights for fun day, 2 days of running club, and 1 day of strenuous hiking. I realize that's more than 7 days, at least one day a week is a double. I'm about to add another session of swimming club as well.

    So TLDR I guess the two questions are:
    1) Is this normal, do other low-carb primal people get all weirdly energetic?
    2) Is one day a week of full rest really sufficient and/or desirable?

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    rest doesn't mean do nothing. active rest is probably better than no movement, so go for a walk, or a light bike ride. just try to make it more light and fun--like playing--rather than intense like your workouts.

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