Hi all,

Sorry that my first post is so long, but I have tried to include as much background info as possible.

I'm 8 weeks into my primal journey and I'm looking for some information on why I now have elevated blood glucose levels, when before my BG was ok.

My Story

Last year I went to hospital after waking during the night with a sharp stabbing pain in the kidney area . After giving me a x-ray they said they could not see anything and suspected it was a kidney stone... gave me some pain killers and sent me home (they did say I could stay if I was concerned). Anyway an appointment was made for me to have a cat scan... twelve weeks later I finally had my scan and no kidney problems were found, however the consultant said "I had Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease" (I drink very rarely) and told me to make an appointment to see my doctor.

Appointment made I see the doctor and he sends me for blood tests, tests back I have a serum alt level of 73 and my triglycerides were 427. This shocked me as I have never been able to put on weight and these were problems I thought (I know better now) for people with obesity.

At the time I was 46 years old 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighed 180lb I had a bit of a belly but my arms and legs were skinny and I had always thought I could eat anything I wanted because I found it so hard to put on any weight. I finally put some weight on when I gave up smoking at 40 and developed a taste for fast food, before that my diet was generally high carb low fat CW stuff.

I was told by the doctor to follow a conventional diet cut out the fast food, exercise more, eat more fruit and come back in 6 months. When I went back 10 weeks ago I was told that my NAFLD had improved (now 28) but my cholesterol had not improved enough as my Triglycerides were still high at 267. Again I was in shock as I had followed my diet to the letter and was now 165lb, the only answer they had was that it must be genetic and suggested I should go on statins, which I refused.

While searching the internet trying to find out why Triglycerides were still high after following the medical advice , I found MDA and began to learn about eating real food and the problems with too many carbs. That was 8 weeks ago and I have been LC/Primal now for about 6 weeks and I have been happy with my diet... my carbs are about 30 g mostly from fresh green vegetables, I have meat every night (Steak, Liver, Pork, Lamb or Chicken) and usually fish (Tuna, Salmon or Mackerel) for lunch with salad. Breakfast, if I have it is usually eggs and bacon or just eggs. No processed foods apart from bacon, no grains, no PUFAs, I only drink water, coffee with cream no sugar or green tea no sugar.

What I had to eat one day last week for anyone interested

I have been using an Elliptical Cross Trainer for 1 hour 2 times a week for 10 months, and since I started this WOE I have been weight training 2 times a week. I have been happy with the way things are going until last week.

When I had my blood glucose taken 10 months ago it was 79. When I went back 6 months later it was 90, so I bought a blood glucose meter to see what was happening to my blood sugar on this WOE, and it normally ranged between 90 - 96 throughout the day... which didn't concern me so I stopped using it until last week. I had been feeling great and thought I'd try Intermittent fasting, as I was now hardly ever hungry. So on Monday I started going longer and longer before eating, sometimes I would only have one meal a day.

On Thursday morning I thought I'd check my BG again to see if this had made a difference, Imagine my surprise when I had a reading of 116. Anyway I went to work, came home later and decided to check my BG again. Before evening meal it was still around 110, afterwards it was 136. 2 hours later back down around 107 and it has been acting like this for the past two weeks, it's not going any higher but also it's not coming down either... even if I don't have anything to eat all day.

The reason this concerns me apart from it being high, is because my Father was diagnosed with diabetes at aged 56 and I was hoping that by eating this way I could avoid any future problems.

I have spent the last two weeks searching the internet for answers. I have read posts from a number of people on various forums that are having similar problems with higher BG since going LC/Primal, but as yet no conclusions on what to do. Most people on this WOE have improved BG yet the less sugar/carbs I eat the higher my BG goes... this is now starting to freak me out.

So my questions are

a) Has eating LC/Primal made my blood glucose worse?

b) I have read some info on Physiological insulin resistance could this be happening to me and if so
what should I do? I'm not sure if this is normal or even safe

c) Should I start eating more carbs and less protein?

d) Should I wait until I go and see my doctor for my follow up blood test in August or go and get it
checked out now?