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    Quote Originally Posted by paleobird View Post
    quit whining and just do it.

    (not meant to be harsh, just a little tough love.)

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    For me, thinking about the possible (and for you, real) side effects of continuing to eat the way you do was well and truly enough motivation to stop eating the crap.

    So do you like being able to see? How about walking, is that something you want to be able to do? Would spending time on a dialysis machine be something you'd rather pass on? (my father lost a kidney, not sure why, but I'm sure he loved the end result - not being able to hold on when he needed to pee). Stroke? heart attack?

    These would well and truly be my motivators! (I only had to envisage sitting in a chair, drooling on myself because of dementia. And not knowing who these strange people were around me, my children and their families)

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    Maybe get your hands on some primal/paleo reading material to keep you interested and motivated (and learn WHY this is a better path to choose). When I start to fall off and crave some cake, I try to re-educate with a good read!

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    Start by stocking up your house with good primal foods. Commit to eating big primal meals every day for a week. Lots of protein, fat and veggies and each meal. By setting your body up with good foods it will be easier to resist the junk food.

    You can also slowly transition your junk food. So keep some chocolate covered nuts, berries and cream, and other primal treats around. If you feel the overwhelming need for junk food start with those foods. Your cravings will reduce with time and these foods are free of the worst offenders.

    And always remember to have some prepared foods around - make a whole chicken, pulled pork, or whatever and freeze single size portions and keep some frozen veggies handy. If you are hungry and didn't prepare well, you can quickly heat these foods and have a primal meal before you cave in

    Remember, you don't have to be perfect! Just plan for some complete primal meals. Promise yourself that even if you eat some garbage, the next meal will be primal.

    Good luck.
    Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )

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    Do you want to have lots of health problems or die or be weak into your old age? Me neither....get mentally tough, you control your brain, get mad that your mind is saying "I want sugar" it's like a little child screaming they want ice cream, you tell it to shut up and eat your vegetables

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    Avoid grains; sugar is OK in moderation. Drink some milk, eat protein etc.

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    Sure you can, IF you want to. Stop. Just Stop. And quit whining about choosing to sabotage yourself and expecting people to feel sorry for you.

    It is that simple. You do or you don't. Either way you choose, so choose and quit bellyaching.

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    Welllll, sometimes just stopping is hard when there is a bio chemical reason for the behavior. I like all the practical advice you got. Here's my personal experience of finally being able to kick crap to the curb. The first step was to increase my fat intake to 70%. I used some sort of app to track and went for it. I allowed myself to eat very little carb and just kept at it with heavy cream and butter, no fruit. I did that for a couple of weeks until the cravings had subsided. My only goal was to get the crap out of my system, not lose weight. I would make goody balls out of coconut oil, almond butter, cocoa powder and crushed walnuts and eat that whenever I needed to shove something in my mouth. I felt pretty good after a while. Also, I continued to have a glass of red wine or two each night and drank black coffee whenever I felt like it. I believe that if we are having brain chemistry induced bad eating no amount of will power can over come those impulses. It's our brain for heavens sake! It's bigger and smarter than we are.

    After a couple of weeks that way I quit counting the fat grams and found that my fat intake leveled off at around 60%, which I think is really healthy. At that point I no longer had cravings and could begin to fine tune what I was eating. I was able to add in some berries and eliminate the heavy cream, which I needed to do because of a dairy allergy. I have been this way since March, yay! At the end of May I decided I was ready for a whole 30 and made it 3 weeks. I had zero problems with the program, but an unexpected trip came up and I decided that instead of feeling likes failure I would just stop the process at three weeks.

    Here's my typical food day now. Breakfast: 2 slices bacon, a scant cup blueberries with bacon grease, walnuts and cinnamon, and a cup of coffee. Lunch: some kind of meat, veggies and maybe a sweet potato with ghee. Dinner: more meat and veggies. In the afternoon I might have some fruit. I drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day.

    I also found it was helpful to make up a couple batches of stewy things for the fridge every week. I jut heat them up at meal times and I get my meats and veggies without having to try. This week I had both chili and curry in the fridge.

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    I never understand these threads and I apologize for the harshness, but if someone whines to me about eating crap, just don't eat crap. Good lord like you really need support to stop eating crap? Give me a break, you're already a member of this website right? Shows you have the motivation. Just don't eat it and stop whining.

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