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Thread: Your body is your gym

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    Your body is your gym

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    Hey people.
    I just started the programm did the first basic training.

    Arms are burning and soaked in swet but was fun.

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    Do you mean You are your own gym by Mark Lauren. It is probably one of the best programs out there. Try the iPhone app as well for $1.99 you can't beat it. The 10 week beginner program is awesome I'm half way through the fist class program and I've gotten really good results along with the primal diet

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    Yes exactly that one. And i only have the iPhone app. Did the first day of the basic 10 week program

    Classic Push-Ups 76
    Let me Ins 63
    Seated Dips 46
    Let me Ups 33

    Was quite challenging but fun.

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    Apr 2012
    We actually just agreed to give our coffee table to some friends in order to clear floor space to give this a proper go! Really looking forward to getting stuck in.

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    Jun 2012
    Never heard of this routine but, for a beginner, I've always liked a couple months of body weight stuff to get some strength and endurance before lifting weights

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    Did the legs workout, was heavy too, but doable

    21 back lunges
    30 romanian deadlifts
    45 squats
    30 swimmers

    i thought the swimmers would be cheesy but they were not easy at all.

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    Mar 2012
    Congrats on getting started. I'm a YAYOG fan and am just finishing the 1st class level. Never been in better shape in my life. Rock on!

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    West Oz
    Another YAYOG fan here, I have the smart phone app and use it mostly while traveling, amazing how creative you can be in a hotel room. Its great for building strength, I used the begineers program to get back into shape and I am now enjoying throwing kettlebells around, but still do 1-2 bodyweight routines a week.

    Those romainina dead lifts are my weak exercise, I hate em so they must be good for me...
    "Times fun when you are having Flies" Kermit the frog

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    Thanks re the app. I bought the kindle book a few weeks ago but the app with weekly program is going to make things much easier.

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    I can only recomend the app, 2$ and you get a very good programm. And my muscles still hurt, i fear i have to take a break till saturday as i have to work hard on friday and saturday and can't afford hurting muscles

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