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Thread: Your body is your gym

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    So day 2 try too old/new

    21 back lunges 28
    30 romanian deadlifts 36
    45 squats 61
    30 swimmers 36

    So day 3 try 2

    70 Classic Push-Ups 91
    58 Let me Ins 66
    60 Seated Dips 76
    36 Let me Ups 46

    realy need to work on that let me ups.
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    How often are you meant to do this? Everyday? Every other? I have the iPhone app and completed the first day of first class yesterday, but I can't find info anywhere on how often to do this. I know it's 4days per week but 4 into 7 doesn't go.

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    maybe just pick the four days that suit you? The 'classes' seem to target different areas so maybe it doesn't matter if you do two in a row

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    You can do the Arms worout on day 1 legs on day to have a break on day 3 do training on day 4&5 have a 2 day break. Just how ever you like.

    my Yesterdays leg workout
    Side lunges 40
    One legged romanian deadlifts 46
    squats 55
    Russian Twists 73

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    I'm at the end of a 10-week program I started in March, so while the program is for 4-5 times per week, I found it was more than I wanted with all my walking and occasional sprinting (and working, yeah that too). In the last few weeks there are 4 regular strength days, then a fifth day of Stappers, which are a trip--just go between 3 movements non-stop for 20 minutes...good burn!

    I went from being able to do only about 3 pullups at a time to about 10, and 4-6 sets of 6-8 are do-able now. This program really does work (due to smart periodization, explained in the book), and it's not too time-consuming. Which is the point--this is what the author helped develop for SpecOps troops, so it had to be efficient and not depend on equipment.

    For more inspiration, check out Al Kavadlo's site--great stuff there too.

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