I recently learned that there are three muscle fiber types, 1, 2A, and 2B. Is there a way to work all of them at once? As I understand it, type 1 fibers are used for endurance and would therefore be trained with low weight, high reps. Type 2A is for strength, trained with high weight, low reps. Type 2B is for power, which is all about speed, unlike 2A which is slow movements. With type 1 and 2A pretty much being opposites and 2A and 2B having their own differences, what is the most efficient way to work all of them in the same workout?

An example of inefficiency would be doing a full strength workout, then moving on to a full endurance workout. While it would probably work, who has time for two workouts in a row? Not to mention that the first workout would have tired my muscles too much to fully benefit from the second workout.

Another example of inefficiency would be doing a workout for one fiber type one day, then the next workout day works another fiber. With three fiber types, that would be three different workouts. Anymore than that during the week is probably over-training, but you're only doing one type of workout a week, which seems too infrequent. How can someone expect to gain mass by exercising their 2A fibers just once a week?

Is there a way around this? Perhaps if I were to do 15 sets of pushups with a weighted vest, I could alternate between low weight and high weight each set for instance.

Suggestions please?