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Thread: My Teeth Look Great & Nine Other First Month Reflections

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    My Teeth Look Great & Nine Other First Month Reflections

    I normally don't stray too much from my Primal Journal, but this is a milestone -- one month Primal. WOO HOO. It's been great and already seeing some pretty awesome (and unexpected) results. Here's a few thoughts and a couple questions for you guys...

    1. My teeth look freaking great

    This may have been the first benefit I noticed from primal. Even in the midst of my week 1 challenges, I was noticing that when I went to brush my teeth in the evening, they were just whiter and cleaner than usual. There was no sugar, soda or starchy foods to attack my teeth anymore and they are clearly liking it.

    2. Not owning a scale was a major help

    During month 1, decided not to weigh myself and in fact didn't even own a scale. This morning did my first "official" weigh-in on my new scale and lost 21 lbs. But not owning a scale let me focus on transitioning to primal eating, not stressing over every pound or tweaking the hell out of ratios, etc my first month.

    3. People can't help but spew SAD CW

    People noticed my change in diet and whether I said "oh I'm just taking a break from grains" or "just eating healthier" or the rare "yeah, I'm trying to get in shape" everyone, EVERYONE, had some kind of unsolicited conventional wisdom that they seemed incapable of not sharing. All of it, any of it really, was a recipe for disaster.

    4. Friends find my new interest in sports confusing and/or funny

    When asking friends to play sports they mostly respond in a "uhm, really? uh... sure" kind of way. Or in one instance "oh man, it would have been hilarious seeing you try to play tennis." I get it, I'm a big fat dude. But bottom line is it takes friends a while to embrace the changing you and in meantime they can be (unintentionally) really discouraging.

    5. Primal is a major confidence booster

    Ok, I know it's not primal really, but just that I'm taking control of my life, feeling better and starting to see positive changes. But it's amazing the difference in only one month.

    6. Benefits start showing up almost immediately

    During week 1, in spite of carb flu, not only were my teeth looking better, but I was experiencing alleviation of IBS symptoms, a little extra kick in my step, and just a general feeling of increased body awareness/connectedness. Sure, it might take a while to see any visual change with body/fat loss, but that doesn't mean primal changes aren't benefitting the body from Day 1. Which leads me to...

    7. Sometimes I feel like I have a new body

    This may sound like hyperbole, considering I've only dropped 20 of the 120 lbs I need to lose, but I really do feel at times I have a new body. There are times when I even forgot how big I am, because I feel so much healthier, that it seems I'm further along. Which can be discouraging when I look in the mirror, but overall, it's been a great motivator and confidence boost (#5)

    8. Primal eating isn't as expensive as people think (or sometimes we make it sound)

    I've had at least a half-dozen people say "it's so expensive to eat healthy." To which I want to scream back "eggs, tuna, bacon, spinach, GO!" When it comes to grass-fed, organic, etc. Is it better? Hellz yeah. Is it costlier? Of course. Is it necessary to get started? Not really. So it's not even a major part of my "talking points" about Primal.

    9. I refuse to say "I'll never go back"

    It's one month in, I'm seeing positive changes, so let's be honest... I'm on a primal high right now. So I don't want to be naive and say "oh, I'd never go back." Uhm, of course I would. A few closely timed weddings and holidays might be all it took. Bottom line here is I don't want to let down my guard by being cocky and overconfident about my (still developing) commitment to Primal living. I see this too often and then people fall flat and don't know how to get up again.

    10. The MDA forum is the bomb. You guys rock!

    In large part because of #3 & #9 above, it is a HUGE help to be able to jump on here, ask questions, get feedback, be encouraged and just have a place to reorient my way of thinking about nutrition, fitness, etc.

    And a couple questions...

    1. For those of you further down the Primal road - what do you recall about months 1-3. What things (benefits, challenges, etc) do I have to look forward to?

    2. Who's in Chicago and wants to go play some sports? I know you're out there.
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