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Thread: My Teeth Look Great & Nine Other First Month Reflections

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    Wanted to say this was a great and clearly-written post, DashFire, because of all the specifics you provided.

    Point #1 about the teeth has been my experience as well, and point #9 shows you've got some good perspective on yourself.

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    Within the first month, I noticed that my hypoglycemic attacks were completely gone and my face was clear all month for the first time since I was about 12. By the second month my afternoon fatigue (I used to actually fall asleep at my desk after lunch) was gone.

    I only had 25 lbs. to lose, and that didn't take long, but the above results are enough to make me say I will never give up primal completely. I might indulge in some cake every great once in a while, but this is my life now.

    I'm now almost 10 months in, and I've recently noticed that I'm more toned and muscular than I've ever been. I can see my abs for the first time since I was 23 (before I had my son). At about the six month mark, my family started saying that I looked too thin, but then a couple months later they were commenting on how muscular my arms are. :P

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    This is a great thread. I contemplated doing a similar one, myself, since today is my 30th primal day. It does feel empowering to do something that you know will work out and provides evidence that it will so quickly. Great dedication and observational feedback, too.

    Here's mine -

    Top 10 Things I Learned in 30 Days of Primal Living

    10. The truth about cholesterol, saturated fat, leptin and insulin
    9. Just how much nutrition affects health
    8. Quitting grains isnít as hard as I thought (so far)
    7. Sustained energy is fab - oh look, ketones!
    6. I have no big, obvious grain sensitivity issues
    5. Nutritional science is rife with bad studies, questionable data, flawed analysis, mistaken conclusions and outright lies. I need to learn how to be more critical with regard to them.
    4. The power of Hope
    3. The ancestral diet/paleo/primal community is a highly divided one
    2. Better knife and cooking skills
    1. CW is pervasive, all encompassing, mostly wrong and really hard to overcome
    5' 9" 47 YO F
    PB start June 2, 2012
    Pre PB SW = 180 (no scale at home, Mom's scale January - 153lbs!)
    Current deadlift 245 lbs, squat 165 lbs, bench press 135 lbs

    PB Journal

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    Quote Originally Posted by DashFire View Post

    1. My teeth look freaking great

    This may have been the first benefit I noticed from primal. Even in the midst of my week 1 challenges, I was noticing that when I went to brush my teeth in the evening, they were just whiter and cleaner than usual. There was no sugar, soda or starchy foods to attack my teeth anymore and they are clearly liking it.
    I went to a new dentist today who took photos of my teeth. I have always hated my teeth, and I was shocked when he put up the pictures how white and nice my teeth looked. (Still crooked as heck, but primal can only do so much)

    It was hard to understand how teeth could get better, but I read something today that if you have enough minerals in your body, your saliva is mineral rich and will strengthen the enamel on your teeth. I have no idea if it is true or not, but I drink lots of bone broth, so maybe that is it.
    Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )

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    Wow, it's exciting to get all the feedback and hear peoples own observations and challenges. Sorry I haven't had a chance to reply, been distracted with an unexpected situation (some details in my journal). But I should be on more in a couple days and will definitely reply to a lot of what's been said.

    Keep the insights coming! Thanks!
    My Primal Journal - Food, pics, the occasional rant, so...the usual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gilleh View Post
    I actually started to fill my sleeves with some muscles
    Although I'm hitting a plateau strength-wise, I'm feeling tighter around the arms and shoulders.

    My hair and nails grow faster, stronger. My hair and beard is changing from brown to blonde because of the sun.
    My skin is healing. For the first time in my life my skin is actually healing! I used to get scars from every tiny cut.
    I don't burn easily from the sun (although while writing these words I'm tomato red - didn't know my limits)
    My mouth doesn't feel disgusting when I wake up anymore.
    I smell great.

    I'm far more vigilant in the mornings. After I open my eyes it's like I'm really up - no more 'morning confusion'.

    The only downfall I experience is when it's time to go to bed I just turn to stone and drop.
    When I was a teenage I could be up all night easy, but now my vision turns a bit blurry, and I just want to sink in my bed.

    I just wanna storm what's out there. My office work is killing me.
    I wish I had friends that want to play outside - everybody is too busy or has asthma..
    I need more play in my life.
    "Turning to stone and dropping" is NOT a downfall!! That means that you are in good balance. You are sleeping better and waking up feeling much better. That is exactly what you want. You now have a lot more energy because of the real food you are eating and the improved sleep. So by days end you are rightly ready to recharge the batteries. I am the same way. I literally bounce out of bed in the morning and can joke around as my first foot hits the floor, which some people can't handle. I have great energy all day. When the day is done, I'm done!

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    I do want to add that saying you'll never eat something non primal or paleo again is a recipie for failure. It would be virtually impossible in this world to do that and impractical as well as unhealthy for the vast majority of us. BUT, saying that you won't ever go back to a SAD way of eating again is completely different. I'm talking about what you eat on a regular basis, not what you may sometimes indulge in.

    For me I can say for sure that I will always live on real foods. I've beyond proven that its far superior to anything else and why wouldn't it be? Real vs fake? No brainer. So if you aren't ready to proclaim that you are going to base your diet on real food no matter what then you have to ask yourself why you'd even consider doing otherwise?!

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    This is good stuff, great to have self-awareness pertaining to strengths/weaknesses. It helps us deal better with the weakness parts and overcome them instead of getting blindsided when they rear up. Its a huge confidence boost to see some positive changes so soon!

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