My sister has invited me and husband and our 4 kids ranging from 1.5 to 8 years old. We have been completely primal for about 3 months now and she knows we are doing some sort of different diet. So she invited us to dinner and said she is making fruit pie (with wheat), baked beans, potato salad, chicken, deviled eggs, and i am sure she will have the variety of pop. The olny thing of htis lot we would eat is the chicken and deviled eggs if it wasnt made with mayo.

So we all go over there and just eat chicken and i will get the looks and maybe later a rant about not letting my kids eat normal food. Or, i can just avoid the whole situation and decline, even though e rest of my family will be there and family get togethers are important.

What would you do? Am i being too picky? I need advice or support one way or another. Oh and btw, this sister iss the one who called me one the phone 3 months ago and said what i was doing was f'ed up. Even thaough she never asked why or asked for details. Thanks