I bought some gluten-free beer the other day, just to give it a try, and I noticed that it had 160 calories and 14 grams of carbs. I believe that's comparable to many good micro-brews, which got me to thinking: "Why am I drinking this stuff, when I could have a great micro-brew with a similar nutrition makeup? Or, at least I could drink three MGD64s (or some other crappy beer) and wind up with a similar amount of calories and half the carbs."

So I took a look around the grocery store for a few other gluten-free products, just to see what ingredients they had. Many of them contained ingredients that are not generally considered primal, such as rice (which confuses me, since I assumed something made with rice or other grains could not be gluten-free). Are many gluten-free products just as unhealthy as their counterparts? Or are there some additional primal benefits to gluten-free products that I am overlooking?