Simple Sweet-n-Sour Beet Salad~

I eat beets usually because of the high antioxidant factor and have only ever had them juiced (YUCK) or pickled. Yesterday I picked up a bunch at the farmers market for a buck!! And today I was inspired to cook them and then create some new recipes! My first creation was this incredibly simple yet delicious salad! I can honestly say I love beets like this~

Ingredients:Beets cooked

Dill pickles diced

Red onion diced

Mayonnaise home-made

Maldon salt and pepper

Directions: There are no amounts because this will depend on an individuals taste! I took two medium cooked beets and chopped them as fine as possible in my food processor, then I added 1/2 of an extra-large dill pickled diced up small, along with a half of a red onion also diced small, I added about 2-3 T of my own simple home-made mayo and sprinkled with Maldon salt and black pepper. DELICIOUS!!