Hey Everybody!

I'm here with my wonderful friend Wendy ( View Profile: Mshathvri - Mark's Daily Apple Forum ) giving the primal lifestyle a try until her birthday at the end of next month. Here are my reasons for starting:

I just got diagnosed with Celiac disease. I've been completely gluten free for 4 months now and pretty much all of my health problems are slowly disappearing. In addition to that, I also have a corn allergy. (Plus some other things, but I'm trying a rotation diet right now to see which of them I get back.) At my last check up, my Doc asked me to go sugar free as well, to help control the level of yeast in my intestines. And well, as my nutritionist put it, "I've never seen anybody having problems with only eating meat, vegetables and fruits." Sounds pretty primal right?

My main goal is to have a sustainable lifestyle that supports my health. Gluten free can't be a fad diet for me. And this looks to be a really supportive place to make long term changes.

So here are my starting stats:
Height - 5' 4.5"
Weight - 154lbs
Muscle Mass - 59.3lbs/38.5%
Fat Mass - 39.1lbs/25.4%
*data from a Bioimpedance Analysis by my nutritionist