I just recently finished Navy boot camp and made it to my A school. Like boot camp, the galley here is very grain and carb focused. Unlike boot camp, however, I'm going to be here a while (at least 9 months), so I can no longer use the food that is forced upon me as an excuse. My room has only a microwave and fridge. Seeing as the four major food groups of primal eating are meat, vegetables, fruit, and nuts, this will probably be easier than a conventional diet. Both fruit and nuts (and seeds) can be eaten raw. Even most vegetables can be eaten raw (though I would prefer them cooked). While I'm open to additional suggestions, I've determined that the best way to get my veggies is to stick to frozen and canned, as those can easily be microwaved. The thing I need to figure out is the meat and fish part. I've already been buying frozen precooked chicken and I'm intending to buy ham, which also comes precooked. But I need suggestions when it comes to the raw stuff. Are there precooked beef and pork (other than ham) products? Is it possible to cook beef or pork in the microwave and have it not be totally terrible? What about fish? I know many groceries will cook fish for customers, but this will be in vegetable oil and might even be breaded. Obviously not ideal, and I'm hoping to come close to ideal as possible. I've already made sacrifices by buying factory-farmed chicken from Tyson and nitrate-loaded Spam. Last, but certainly not least, what about eggs? I've considered boiling water in the microwave to make hard-boiled eggs, but I see myself growing tired of that. Is it possible to cook eggs in the microwave? Is there such a thing as pre-cooked eggs? As with everything else, I would prefer quality sources. Before joining the Navy, I would eat pastured eggs I bought at Whole Foods. I would assume that if I could even find precooked eggs, they would not be pastured.

Oh, just one small restriction. I only have 45 minutes for lunch every day. Breakfast doesn't matter since I practice intermittent fasting by condensing my feeding period and dinner isn't as restrictive, but it is the military, so timeliness does help.

Thanks in advance