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Thread: Summery tweak to eggs for breakfast

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    Summery tweak to eggs for breakfast

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    I feel like I've read on here a few times requests for people for something "different" than eggs and bacon for breakfast. This doesn't quite fit this bill as different... but I've been enjoying it the last few days and figured I'd pass it along

    Usually I eat 3 eggs, some leftover meat, and sauteed onions/mushrooms or broccoli for breakfast. With temps in the 90s I wasn't at all the in the mood for that.

    We had a big container of homemade pico de gallo around so I scrambled up my eggs as normal, plopped them on a plate and instead of a side of meat and veggies I had a few big scoops of pico and sour cream... Still fills me up and seems so much lighter/cooler (?) for summer.

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    Nicely done. Way to adjust to the temps:-)

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