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Thread: Carrot pulp pudding

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    Carrot pulp pudding

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    I recently came into a 20kg bag of carrots so naturally they have been finding their way into many meals.

    The other day i had an idea to get my sisters juicer out to pulp (not juice) some of the carrots. I then took the pulp, mixed in a touch of coconut cream, cinnamon, some egg yolks and a dash of honey, and turned it into an awesome custard.
    The pulp reminded me of a soft, fluffy flour, so i ended up taking another batch of the above mixture and adding some baking powder and making some awesome muffins too. All in all a good day.

    But i was stuck with what to do with the left over juice. A lot of people on these forums are against juicing as many of the nutrients are in the pulp, the juice tends to have more sugar, and in the end whole veggies are much better for you.

    But im wondering, if i make this little mixture regularly enough, is it a huge waste (nutritionally) if i just chuck out the juice?

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    I would just drink the juice - it would be a shame to waste all those nutrients.

    But carrot juice gives me heartburn - I have no idea why - but that the way it goes.
    Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )

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    I would definitely drink the juice AND eat the pudding. That is an awesome idea, by the way.

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    Actually, that seems backward - the nutrients are all in the juice, the pulp is just the INDIGESTIBLE fibrous part that's devoid of anything nutritionally, except for whatever juice didn't get squeezed out. I'd drink the juice and throw away the rest!

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