Today is my father in law's birthday, and he decided to go out to Red Lobster for dinner. I looked at the menu in advance and discovered that they offered an allergen summary for all of their foods. And whoa, they have wheat/gluten and soy in almost everything! Including their steamed broccoli! (WTF?)

Here's what I found that made the wheat/gluten-free and soy-free grade:

Steamed 1.4-pound Maine lobster
Wood-grilled fresh fish of the day
Snow crab legs
King crab legs
Baked potato with sour cream
Orange slices
Cheesecake (!!!) with strawberries

And that's it.

So I had a garden salad without dressing or croutons, the steamed lobster (didn't even need butter, it was that sweet), and the baked potato (without skin, but with sour cream), along with 1/2 glass of wine. Wound up being very tasty.

Back at home, my inlaws had coffee cake, my husband and sons had doughnuts, and I had a cup of mint tea. (But hey, I could have, somehow, had the cheesecake at Red Lobster -- seriously, how could cheesecake be wheat- and gluten-free? And the steamed broccoli and asparagus is **not** wheat- or gluten-free? Come on. Someone's messing with me.)