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Thread: just read primal blueprint on my kindle fire page

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    just read primal blueprint on my kindle fire

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    So I wanted to change my eating habits and to be more healthy and energetic. I found the book primal blueprint on amazon for my kindle. It sounds great. So I was all pumped to start making some changes and went to the neighborhood pharm fresh store. Wow was I instantly overwhelmed with what to buy where to start. My three kids also did now want to be there so no help there. Does anyone have any advice on what to start out with as a grocery list or what changes you first made before you were totally familiar with what to buy?

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    Hi, welcome. The best advise I was given regarding shopping was to shop the walls of most markets and stay out of the aisles where the processed junk is. Funny thing is now I can smell the sugar from three aisles away. Meats, eggs, butter, veggies. That's the base. Read Mark's book, use the search feature, look at the archives, It's all there. Have fun.


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    Yep! Shop the outer edges, avoid packaging because it's usually crap, and keep it as close to natural as possible.
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    Yep. Dart into the aisles to get health oils and a few other things. Then scoot back out.
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    I am not sure I get the question. Start with meat and veg you like.

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