I failed my one hour glucose test.

So now of course I'm supposed to take three hour, and I'm just...at a loss for words.

A bigger sugar-y drink and three blood draws in three hours. Plus the chance that I'll fail this one too...

I have a glucose monitor...my husband is prediabetic...so we monitor him closely. I started taking my blood glucose this morning, and plan on monitoring it for the next three days. When I get to the midwife on Monday, she's going to want me to take the 3 hour, and I'm thinking of refusing and just handing her my numbers for the last three days. Showing her that when I don't pump sugar into my body I'm just fine.

Gosh, there is so much to say and so many details and really I just want to scream...but I don't think slamming AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! into the keyboard is going to work much.

Doctors and midwives are the reason I hate being pregnant.

My last pregnancy was unassisted...hubby wasn't too comfy with that...but now he's starting to see the merit in it. He knows that I eat healthfully. He even agrees that Primal is healthy but he just loves his baked goods. (tsk tsk). I asked him what we would do if the midwife dropped me because I refuse the three-hour...he said "Well then I guess we'll have this baby at home."

BTW--it's recommended that your CARBLOAD for three days before the test. Which I am not doing. Not carb-loading could give you an abnormally high number. Another reason I do not want to take the test...because I basically refuse to carb-load. I binge-eat carbs. Binge eating carbs for three days will definitely put me on a path of destruction.