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Thread: Juicing Vegetables?

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    Some greens + berries + filtered water = my go to smoothie. If I have some yogurt or bananas around, I might add them.

    My old juicer was a pain to clean, so I gave up juicing for smoothies, but I'd juice in a heartbeat if I had one that was easy to clean. (First on the "small indulgent appliances" want list are a meat grinder and a sausage stuffer, so it will be a while.)

    I didn't realize how truly seasonal wanting fruits and veggies are for me until the other day. I made my first green drink in many months and while it was blending I realized it was also the first day the temp has been in the mid 80s for a long time also.
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    I am eating loads of veggies and green so I don't need green juice but cucumber is good for the skin. I have been juicing up 1/2 cuke, a couple berries and half of a mango. I either drink it straight or added to sparkling water. Keeps water from being so boring.

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    I wanted green veggie juice to be palatable without adding fruit. Discovered Tabasco sauce makes veggie juice DELICIOUS, it seems like a Ceasar to me now, (no vodka tho!)
    I do:

    half a lemon
    piece of ginger
    bunch of kale
    half a cucumber
    half a bunch of parsley and cilantro
    3 stalks celery
    about 10 drops tabasco


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    When I used to juice I over=indulged. When I make a smoothie I have to think to much to control portion size.
    Mastication of veggies really takes a little work, and the natural satiety impulses that take over when chewing help me with my urge to over eat.

    taste of a single veggie juiced was always pleasing to me, but mixing them was not

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