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Thread: Lady problems.

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    It def sounds like something screwy is going on with your hormones. Have they checked your thyroid?
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    Yeah, I've had my thyroid checked a few separate times, including recently, and everything came back normal. I've been reading into the iodine deficiency threads. The fact that it's almost being touted as a panacea turned me off a bit at first. Now that I'm reading more into it, though, I'm thinking it couldn't hurt to give supplementation a try. I'm sure I'm deficient.

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    i'd try incorporating seaweed and shellfish into my diet before messing with iodine supplements. the symptoms ascribed to a deficiency are so broad it's like painting a matchstick with a firehose.
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    Depression too, that's not good and def screwy hormones. I'd not touch outright iodine supps with a ten foot pole until you know what's going on.

    Not sure this will help, but the ladies on are very knowledgable and might be able to help.

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    Did you specifically ask what they tested as far as thyroid? My thyroid tests came back "normal" when my thyroid gland was the size of a grapefruit - all that means is that my TSH was under 2. Have them test ALL of your thyroid hormones, not just TSH, because if your T4 and T3 are at the low end of the range and your TSH is normal you can still have symptoms. I'd say something hormonal is definitely going on and your thyroid probably is involved. Have you tried increasing your carbs a bit? Some people (women especially, it seems) find that staying very low carb can make their thyroid go wonky.

    Iodine supplementation has been wonderful for regulating my cycle and making my period more manageable, but I don't have a thyroid gland anymore so I didn't have to worry about the issues people can run into with iodine supplements. It can be helpful, but you'll want to work closely with a doctor to be on the safe side.

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    I agree pcos and thyroid...dealing with it the past 10 years...stay on top of it and get proper diagnoses as soon as possible!
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