If you've been following the news, you probably know that Colorado is having some bad wildfires right now. I live in Colorado Springs, and we have been in the middle of a really big one for the last week. I am not a firefighter, but my job requires me to be in the thick of things helping out, so I have had 16 hour days for the last 6 days. I am exhausted, and have been at the mercy of the emergency op center as far as my eating. I've done sort of ok - I've tried to avoid bread and so am eating the meat/cheese out of the breakfast sandwiches and avoiding the coffee cake, doing meat & cheese for lunches, etc. However it is all out there & available and it's crept in. I had cookies the other afternoon, a sandwich where I pretty much had to eat some of the bread to have enough calories to get through the afternoon, and I ate a bagel yesterday. Where we are located there is no place to just pop out and grab other food, and in the whirlwind of getting home at midnight and being back at work at 7 every day my packed lunches are falling by the wayside.

So, I have tried, but hunger and having to eat what's available have made this a bad week. I'm hopeful I can get back on the wagon next week, but I am SOOOO tired that anything that is edible looks good to me right now.

I know I can get back on track at some point and don't really need advice so much as some mental comfort that things will get back to normal and that I haven't blown it by having a bad week....

Erf..... the bright spot is that I have not had ONE soda this week, and they are plentiful. I knew if I had one that the resulting crash would make me sick.