I'll keep it brief.
Me and my dad who I live with have brought in another guy to fill out the spared bedroom in the house on an extremely cheap weekly price. It started off ok, but the guy seems to be getting more and more nuttier by the day. I could leave a coffee mug out for 5 minutes while I take a shower and he will blow up and start cursing about how he shouldn't have to clean up after everything. He's a total obsessive OCD neat freak who completely wrecks the whole easygoing laid back vibe of the house.

I feel like I'm walking on eggshells just living with him. The next time he goes nuts I think I'm just going to flip out or something and kick all of his belongings into the front gutter so he really gets the message that it's time to leave. We've tried talking civilly to him but nothing seems to be getting through.

How do you get someone out of your house as peacefully as possible?